Do You Need More Space?

How much space do you need in a building? You don’t want to be bumping elbows or tripping over each other. We found that out the hard way. When we opened our original space in 2014 we had plenty of room, but fast forward four years, and w quickly ran out of space. Space considerations make a difference, especially depending on what kind of office you need. We’ve always had open offices, because that’s the way the space came that we rented. These were strip mall stores, meaning for the most part, wide open rectangles. While that’s great for collaboration, when it comes time for quiet, that can be hard to come by. Not everyone loves the free flow of noise that Sarah and I grew up with in the open newsroom of TV stations across the country.

So, we were looking for an environment that featured offices as well as the collaborative space we had come to enjoy for group work and meetings. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for more space, keep in mind how much you may grow in the future. Can you add on to the building years down the road? When we were looking at various buildings, we found many that we had already outgrown. Everything is priced by the square foot, so think about how much space you’ll need not just when you move in, but also five or ten years down the road. Make sure your building has all the space you’ll need for the next company. Because what you don’t want is a good deal on a giant building which will be more complicated and difficult to sell when the time comes. When it comes to space, don’t forget to make allowances for things like bathrooms if you have a lot of employees or a break room having enough space for people to eat lunch.

 So, how much space do you need? Enough to expand in the future, but not too much that’s going to be underutilized and cost you money without a return on your investment.

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